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iFarmGROUP is building Australia’s first state of the art energy independent hydroponic enterprise. With comprehensive MGS automation and control, this 4.6 hectare glasshouse will supply up to 20 million units of leafy green fresh produce annually.

Our Mission

As the effect of climate change makes open air farming increasingly volatile, there is an urgent need for high-yield horticulture that decreases the use of water and carbon based inputs, while simultaneously reducing vulnerability of crops to weather conditions. Consumers are demanding quality produce that’s fresh and nutritious, is grown in an environmentally sustainable way and is offered all year round. Our mission is to produce fresh nutritious vegetables via state of the art hydroponic systems in a protected cropping environment with minimal environmental impact.

picWe decided we had to do something differently.

By bringing together the world’s best of breed, glasshouse technology and off the grid energy and CO2 systems to grow high quality fresh vegetables that constitutes a leap forward in farming to offer delicious leafy greens in abundance, and make them available to everyone through Australia’s national supermarkets. We believe the iFarmGROUP will redefine how fresh produce is grown and will allow every shopper to contribute to a sustainable future.

The sustainability journey…

Our first initiative is for each iFarmGROUP enterprise to generate its own heating and electrical energy with an onsite Biogas system (Cogeneration).  Now readily available urban waste streams can be converted into revenue streams as they service the energy and plant needs of our enterprise while generating additional revenue from the compost output of the bio reaction process.  What’s next? We are currently developing organic nutrients to replace traditional hydroponic fertilisers.


Greg Dutton – iFarmGROUP Partner – Enterprise Development

Greg’s expertise is managing early stage enterprises on the path to commercialisation through strategic partnerships and alliances.  With a 30 year background in commercialising technology he has worked with a diverse range of projects and teams, intellectual property and markets.  He is a resident of the Byron Shire and the former CEO of Urban Ecological Systems Limited – the world’s first commercially scalable, zero effluent food production system for growing organic certifiable fresh vegetables and fish in urban areas.  Greg is charged with the responsibility of securing supply agreements and bringing the specialist team together to deliver the iFarmGROUP enterprises.


Email:      greg at ifarmgroup dot com

Mobile:    +61 411 125 939

PO Box 236

Mullumbimby NSW Australia 2482



Graeme Smith – iFarmGROUP Partner – Project Development

Graeme has been the chairman of the Australian Protected Cropping Industry Association (PCA) for 13 years and managed over 40 greenhouse and hydroponic projects in Australia and internationally.  This year the Hydroponic Farmer’s Federation (HFI) bestowed its highest honour on Graeme by awarding him Life Membership.  He brings his entire network of local and global experts to all of the iFarmGROUP projects.  Graeme directs our Project Managers through the complete planning, design, delivery, technology integration, funds management and commissioning phases.


Email:      graeme at ifarmgroup dot com

Mobile:    +61 427 339 009

PO Box 789

Woodend VIC Australia 3442